Healthcare Screening Ireland

As you may know we, Everyday NFW, have partnered with Healthcare Screening Ireland to provide Corporate Health Screening Services to our clients. There are numerous advantages of this for you and your company and the screenings have proven to be highly successful.

Investing in Health Screening for your employees shows your company’s commitment to them and concern for their health and wellbeing. And on top of that, A happy workforce is a productive workforce.

The benefits of Health Screening can be felt mutually by employers and employees alike through identifying potential health issues which results in reduced absenteeism and increased productivity.

Some of the employer benefits of investing in Healthcare Screening include:

  • By identifying potential health issues with employees, absenteeism through sickness can be reduced.
  • Health screenings can be carried out on premises, eliminating the need for employees to take time off.
  • Health screenings are a low-cost, high-profile way to help employees to improve their health.
  • A general aggregate report of employee’s health screen is provided; this will give you a general overview of your employee’s health.
  •  Health screening is tax deductible and exempt from VAT.

Some of the employee benefits of partaking in a Healthcare Screening include:

  • Detecting illness and under lying health issues before they become serious.
  •  Health screening can identify lifestyle changes that can improve and maintain good health into the future.
  • A confidential health report is provided to the employee on the day of the screening.

A detailed synopsis about our role in this screening can be found at and for more information don’t hesitate to contact Niall on 0872211622 or Jen on 0877605242.