Everyday NFW receive a 'PSYCHED' Certificate of Recognition. 

 Jen O'Callaghan of Everyday NFW  accepting the certificate of recognition.

Jen O'Callaghan of Everyday NFW  accepting the certificate of recognition.

We at Everyday NFW were delighted to receive a certificate of recognition from the Cllr. Tony Fitzgerald, Lord Mayor of Cork and Daniel Flynn, PSYCHED, for our ongoing promotion of the importance of mental health in the workplace.

Everyday NFW provide professional and proven solutions in Nutrition, Fitness & Wellbeing to Companies, Individuals, Clubs & Athletes. As a company, we believe that Mental and Physical wellbeing is of growing importance, especially in the workplace.  


Psyched is a great initiative that stands for Positive Support You Can Have Every Day and the Mental Health Promotion Award Scheme is an initiative of Cork Healthy Cities. They want workplaces to get PSYCHED about mental health and wellbeing!





It was the 1st year of The Award Scheme, the first of its kind in the country, and it celebrated efforts made in workplaces across Cork to support the mental well-being of staff, and is aimed at making Cork a Mental Health Promoting City.

The PSYCHED goal is to promote better mental health in workplaces across Cork city, an initiative which they hope will result in more understanding and reduced stigma towards mental illness in our wider community. http://corkhealthycities.com/psyched/