Corporate Wellness


Everyday NFW provide Corporate Wellness Solutions to all types of businesses. If you are looking to invest in your employees Health & Wellbeing, Everyday NFW provide a one stop shop for all aspects of Corporate Wellbeing, from Mindfulness to Nutrition, and from Team Building to Body Composition Analysis. Check out the full range of services provided below.

We create bespoke packages to suit your organisation based on your needs.

Programs are built to suit:

  • Your Organisation work type (including shift patterns),

  • Your Organisation size (no of employees) & Locations (multiple locations)

  • Your Time availability,

  • Your Organisation's Culture,

  • Your Organisation's Health & Wellbeing needs,

  • Your Budget!

Why Wellness?

In Ireland, 11 million working days are lost to absenteeism; costing companies 15 billion euro in revenue according to IBEC. Many of these days of absence are caused by stress and its impact on health. By focusing on corporate wellbeing elements, employee engagement can be improved leading to many benefits including:

  • Reduced absenteeism,

  • Improved service provision,

  • Improved productivity & morale,

  • Improvement in work efficiency

  • All in all a happier workforce!

  • Retention of staff



 Bring Jen in to develop the right programme for your team, bring in the fun element and enjoyment, the feel good factor to the workplace. Take a little time out for Jen to give you the tips and tricks of healthy eating. Get the most out of your food to help you perform at your best in work, home or sports.

Jen works closely with Kathryn Thomas on her Pure Results Boot camp where she offers talks/ workshops/demonstrations and one to one consultation to residential clients; she has also given corporate talks with Kathyrn at various companies though out the country. Jen workedcextensively with Corporate sector companies including VMware, Siemens, PM Group, Wright Medical, Chamber of Commerce and many more.



Niall brings the Exercise and Activity piece to the table. Niall is a Fitness Instructor and an Strength & Conditioning Coach working with Teams, Community Groups and Individuals on their physical fitness levels. Niall has also developed corporate fitness programs to assist clients balance the need for exercise and activity with the demands of work.

Niall also works as a Performance Coach, providing Workshops to corporate and teams. These workshops help clients find their own motivation to live healthier, happier lives and strive for the best in everything. This leads to peak perfromance in work and personal life.


Would you like to help your employees perform at their peak performance?

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Increase employees immunity and improve their health

  • Boost their immunity, reduce illness and absenteeism?

  • Manage stress more effectively?

  • Improve their digestion?

  • Maintain a healthy weight?

Jen and Niall have the expertise and the tools to help achieve this.



What’s on offer?

  1. Programmes - Weight Loss, Sports, Nutrition and Exercise for healthy living and programs tailored to your company’s needs.

  2. Talks on various topics of nutrition

  3. Food Demonstrations

  4. One to one consultations with employees

  5. Lunch Time Exercise Classes



hcsi logo.png

Everyday NFW have now partnered with Healthcare Screening Ireland to provide Corporate Health Screening Services to our clients.

Screening is now available for:

  • Diabetes

  • Lung Function

  • Body Composition

  • Cardiac Function

  • Full Cholesterol Profile

  • Smoking Audit

  • Blood Pressure Measurement

For more details, check out our new Corporate Health Screening Section here.

Health Screening is provided by Healthcare Screening Ireland. 

Corporate Programmes  - Run out over 6 weeks

Weight Loss Programme

Exercise Programme

  • Two Food Demonstration’s on foods around training.

  • Nutrition Talk on foods and training

  • Corporate 1:1 nutritional and exercise consultations with the options of 2 follow-up meetings.

  • Option of running couch to 5km programme

  • Exercise classes – Core Strengthening, boxing, running technique

  • Weekly Newsletter

Nutrition Talks

  • Nutrition for peak performance

  • Nutrition for Busy Lives – Healthy Convenience

  • Balancing blood sugars

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Gut Health

  • Improving Mood through Food

  • Boosting the Immune System

  • Stress and Food

  • Shift Work

No two solutions are the same. The specific program is built from scratch to suit your organisation's overall needs.

Lunch & Learn

Jen finds food demonstration’s is where it is at for a lot of employees. She has worked closely developing menus with on–site Pure Results Chefs for the last 3 years so has plenty of tasty ideas to show you. Staff love to see and taste the foods.

Some of the demos that Jen can provide include:

  • How to make easy, healthy and tasty lunches in minutes.

  • Healthy snacks – protein balls, healthy energy bars ,flapjacks

  • Healthy Treats – dessert options

  • Juicingand smoothie demo

  • Sugar Workshop find out where the hidden sugars are


One to one consultations with employees

We are delighted to offer:

  • A Mini 20 minute consultation on nutrition and/ or exercise

  • A 45 minute more detailed nutrition programme and/ exercise

Jen & Niall O’Callaghan provides personal consultations with clients to explore their current Nutritional & Exercise Habits. Recommendations are given during consultations to improve daily habits in Nutrition & Exercise.  Body Measurements can also be taken such as Weight, Body Fat %, BMI, Waist Measurements. Pre-questionnaires will be required to be completed which will determine the best consultation specific to the employees needs.

Follow up consultations help to keep staff accountable for their goals they want to achieve.

PM Group Testimonial – Jen

'Your knowledge of health and food is extremely impressive and your background and experience came through providing people with information beyond what was expected. The receipes were great and provide employees with healthy snack and lunch options.'

Here is a description of more of the individual elements which are contained in the various packages. We are flexible and can create a special package to suit the needs of your organisation.

Basic Health Check – Body Composition Analysis


This includes assessing a client’s weight, body fat content, fat mass, muscle mass and blood pressure. These are vital measurements to show progress following an implemented program. This is completed on a one to one basis. Other data including The employee receives full recommendations on how and what changes could improve their general health.


Nutrition Presentations, Demonstrations & Workshops


Optimal performance at work is fuel by correct and suitable nutrition. Our Nutrition Presentations & Demonstrations provide education on the right foods to eat and portion control. Food preparation demos are also provided, giving practical education to attendees. This can also include Sports Nutrition for those who are looking to perform optimally in the sports arena. Presentations and Demonstrations can be provided for large groups of employees, maximising the effectiveness of this intervention


Personal Nutrition Consultations

One to One Nutritional Consultations are available focusing on providing the client with guidance to achieve a greater state of health through correct nutrition which is specific to the person in question.



Weight-loss Programs

Programs for groups of clients are provided for a set number of weeks to focus on weight loss based on improved nutrition and regular exercise, a plan which is sustainable for use well after the program is over.





Food Intolerance Testing

Gaining popularity in Ireland now, Food Intolerance testing is a simple, non-intrusive test to identify particular foods which the client may be intolerant to. This aids a greater state of health through the omission of particular unsuitable foods. Testing is carried out individually.



Exercise Promotion

Presentations are given to clients to outline the vast amount of benefits of exercise. This outlines how much exercise should be done, what type of exercise should be undertaken and also explains the different level of intensities. This simplifies the whole world of exercise into simple understandable messages, making regular exercise attainable for all. Events can be tailored to be provided to large groups of employees.

Individual Exercise Programs

Clients can have very different goals for exercise. Relevant training programs can be set out to assist an individual achieve their goal. This can include Strength & Conditioning Training.



Exercise Classes

Short exercise classes are of great benefit for general health and can improve performance at work. These classes can be provided which do not use any equipment. Classes can be provided for groups of employees.

Advanced Lifestyle Analysis

Everyday NFW have now partnered with FIRSTBEAT of Finland to provide cutting edge Lifestyle Analysis, through 24/7 monitoring, providing a window into a client’s physiology. The detailed report produced following the assessment along with the objective data-based coaching has proven to result in: improved performance at work, improved sense of wellbeing, sick leave reduction, improved stress management and provides a reward and benefit to the employee. This is targeted at Senior Management to assist in peak performance. You can find out more about Everyday NFW FIRSTBEAT Here.

Health & Wellbeing Coaching

Coaching is provided on a one to one basis to allow clients to explore their current status and explore areas for change. Support, motivation and accountability is then provided for change and is driven by the clients values and beliefs.


Team Building & Communication

Sessions can be provided to take staff out of their familiar work roles and place them in different situations which encourages social interaction and communication between work colleagues. New strengths can be identified along with providing an enjoyable method of social interaction between work colleagues.





For any enquiries about Everyday NFW Services contact:

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